Portrait Mini

  • 15 minutes
  • 1 Location @ Thistle + Oak Farm & Fields
  • 5 Images In Online Gallery
  • 1 Full Resolution Image Download
  • Resized Images Downloadable For Social Media
  • No Mileage Fee Applies
  • Up to 6 people, additional fee for more

Portrait Preimum

  • 50 Minutes
  • Location within 25 miles of 32011
  • 15 Images In Online Gallery
  • 10 Full Resolution Image Downloads
  • Resized Images Downloadable For Social Media
  • Mileage Fee Applies If Over 25 Miles Of 32011
  • Up to 10 people, additional fee for more

Non-refundable retainer due to book. Retainer is 50% of the total.

Any location over 25 miles outside of 32011 will be charged a travel fee of mileage over x $0.51

*50 miles round-trip waived*

Late Policy
Please try to be prompt as lateness will cut into your time!

What is a print release?
A release to print your images – with guidelines. It allows you, the client, to print for personal use at home while maintaining the rights of the photographer. 

Will I get a print release?
No, but you can buy a print release for any image you want or the entire gallery!

How can I order prints?
You can order specific à la carte prints from your gallery.

How quickly will my gallery be up?
I typically try to have your images edited and up in your gallery within 2-3 business days! However, at times when I am extremely busy, it may take up to 7 business days. I will always let you know right away!