but God


conjunction: used to introduce a phrase or clause contrasting with what has already been mentioned. “he stumbled but didn’t fall”  preposition: except; apart from; other than. “in Texas, we were never anything but poor”  adverb: no more than; only. “he is but a shadow of his former self”

I find these two words continuously resonating within my soul, but God. As I draw closer with God intently, I see the wonderous works He is making in my life. Not only has He directed our paths and blessed us overabundantly to place us where we are, but He is steadily turning dreams into reality. Almost six years ago I was wondering if I would ever be a mom and honestly, it was so hard not to give up, but God. 

I never thought I’d be able to have a farm again, but God has blessed us with land. I didn’t think I would have chickens again, but God! We have nine hens and a rooster plus nine new week old chicks. Cali, our oldest hen, went broody and hatched nine cute little firecrackers! Here we are building our dream house when I got overwhelmed with the idea of selling and building, but God. 

Last year hit my photography business hard because I only did a handful of shoots. It was absolutely my decision (GG and I are both immune-compromised) and I’ve found myself sometimes wondering if I would ever be able to bounce back, but God. Within 24 hours last week, I booked not now, but two weddings!  

I’m not sharing any of this to brag, because NONE of it was me. Every single blessing we have in life is because of the love of God. We may not always see God working, but He sews the threads of our lives together. Even when we can’t see the beautiful image unfolding, God sees the picture in its entirety. So, let go and let God be your “but” when you think things are hopeless. You may say it isn’t possible, but I’m here to tell you “BUT GOD.