Friday I ordered a book filled with our statement pictures for a birth mom. Please send some prayers up, she will be given our book along with a few other families’ info on Monday.

I got “Baby G’s” initial this week and put over the crib. I also got the chest of drawers moved into the nursery, it matches the dresser that we have in there. “Baby G” already has tons of room for clothes! This past Wednesday I went up to Georgia to get the fur-babies their yearly shots. After visiting the vet we stopped in at my parent’s and spent some time with my mom. I brought back a lot of my old books and even some that were my dad’s when he was a kid. There were too many to put on top of the chest of drawers, so I had to put half of them in one of the drawers. I plan on reading to “Baby G” every single day… which probably means I’m going to need even more books.