risk; plural noun: risks1.a situation involving exposure to danger.”flouting the law was too much of a risk”verb: risk; 3rd person present: risks; past tense: risked; past participle: risked; gerund or present participle: risking1.      expose (someone or something valued) to danger, harm, or loss.      
         “he risked his life to save his dog”

There are risks associated with everything we do here in this life, on this earth. Sometimes what we know to be possible we hide from our minds and then it’s as if it “surprises” us when we’re made to face them. Other times we know, but we run from the truth until we can’t run any longer. We risk when we hope. We risk when we love. We even face a risk in the waiting.

Our possible birth mother, as of last week, was still undecided on a family, however due to circumstances we are unaware of she has had a miscarriage. I feel very sad for her, not for us – as I felt from the very beginning that God was safe guarding my heart this time around (not hardening it, He just gave me a certain feeling that this baby wasn’t meant to be ours). Please, if you read this send a prayer up for M & J. I cannot imagine what they must be going through right now. I’m sure there are some that would argue, “But they were putting the baby up for adoption… and so on…” True, they were, but here’s my BUT for you, through adoption they could have still been a part of this beautiful child’s life; they could have still been able to see their child, talk with their child, hug their child. Now their precious baby is in God’s arms and they are suffering the loss of never knowing him/her. 

As for us, we will continue pushing forward. God has a very special child (or children if twins become an option) out there for us.