When I was about six I went on a trip to central Florida with my parents. While there we did several things, but what stayed in my mind was visiting Weeki Wachee and seeing the mermaids swim.  I had already been dreaming of being a mermaid, but seeing those girls swimming as mermaids made me fall deeper in love with the idea. It was magical!

This past weekend we decided to do something in our state. We drove down to Rainbow River in Dunnellon and the guys went swimming in the spring. I tried, I got about waist deep, but the water was just too cold for me. GG swam so much that he was out quick later that evening! After their little swim we drove the remaining way to our hotel which was just five minutes south of Weeki Wachee.  The next day we got up and went over extra early so that we could get in.

After almost an hour in line we made it through the gates! A lot has changed since I was there almost 30 years ago (of course). It saddens me that the state bought it out and turned part of the spring into a water park, BUT I am glad that it’s still there and we can still get in to see it. 

The mermaids are the best part. Seeing GG see the mermaids for the first time was even better. I’m pretty sure it was just as magical to him now as it was to me all those years ago. 

After leaving we drove a little north to see some manatees.