This week I took GG, my toddler (yes, I still have a few months that I can call him that, so I’m doing it as much as possible!), had his first non-melt-down haircut. He’s almost 4 and I’ve taken him to two salons, once when he was over one and another about 9 months later. They were disasters. He would meltdown as soon as hair touched his skin. My husband and I decided we would just keep doing his hair at home. Not that he reacts any differently at home, he has Sensory Processing Disorder, and the hair touching his skin is a huge meltdown trigger. 

For a few weeks now he’s wanted a “cool” guy haircut that he picked out. I’m not going to lie, thinking about taking him to have his hair done instantly put knots in my stomach. Would I be paying for another half haircut again? I was nervous and didn’t have a clue where to take him. I posted a status and asked for suggestions to hairstylists that had experience with children on the spectrum. 

Finally, the day came that he really wanted it done – THAT day – this past Tuesday. We left our Chiropractor appointments and I noticed a kid’s hair salon, unfortunately, it wasn’t open for business yet. I said a little prayer for God to send me to where I needed to go for my son. Immediately I felt like I knew where to go.  

We get there and a gentleman takes us back. GG gets on the chair, gets a cape and is done with it. He tells me he’s scared. We talk a little and he wants to leave. Okay, we tried, right!?! The guy tells us to come back if he changes his mind. Outside there’s a bench that I have GG sit on. I kneel down and we talk about why he was scared. I explained to him that the guy was a “hair doctor” and knew what he was doing. After a few minutes, he decided that he wanted to try again.

The gentleman, Mac, and I talked to him through the entire process. Mac took the cape off and brushed GG anytime hair got on him. He let GG hold the brush and use it, he let him spray me with the water bottle. He did whatever GG needed of him and while it took longer than a typical haircut, we got it done! My very brave little toddler morphed into a big boy right in front of my eyes. I was so thankful and so proud that I almost cried. 

Things like this remind me. Yes, my little one is going to have a harder time at some things, BUT he’s brave, strong willed and oh so very smart. Even though things may be harder for him at times or may take longer, he will always beat the odds.